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Indian International Mathematics Competition 2024 (InIMC2024)

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About Team USA for IMC

In 2021, USA started to sponsor the national team to  participate in the International Mathematics Competition (IMC). Since then, Team USA has won many awards and recognitions at IMC. 

In 2021 and 2022, the members of Team USA were selected and invited by Dr. Harold Reiter. In 2023, Dr. Harold Reiter and Dr. Tao Hong opened a public call for participants, followed by a list of screening criteria. To be eligible for Key Stage 2 of the Team USA, a student, who is in 6th grade and under, has to be on the AMC8 Distinguished Honor Roll or an AIME qualifier. To be eligible for Key Stage 3, a student, who is in 9th grade and under, has to be a USA(J)MO qualifier or MATHCOUNTS Nationals qualifier. Other restrictions such as age and nationality also apply. In 2024, Drs. Hong and Reiter established a team selection process, which included a series of team selection tests, for the students who passed the initial screening. 

Many members of the Team USA later won prestigious competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and USA(J)MO, participated in highly selective camps such as PRIMES and MOP, and received admissions to top ranked universities such as Harvard and MIT. 

To be considered for Team USA in the future, please fill in the Call for Participants form HERE.