Modernization of Long Term Load Forecasting
An Integrated Approach Taking Advantage of Hourly Weather and Load Information
Duration: 1 hour
Classical approaches to long term load forecasting takes annual, monthly or daily load and weather data, which sometimes lead to inaccurate forecasts. Long term load forecasters often have a hard time explaining the big errors based on the limited information available through the low resolution data. In today's world, Smart Grid technologies bring high granular information to the load forecasting processes. This talk compares the modern approach, which takes hourly weather and load information, with a classical approach. The results shows that by taking advantage of high resolution information, long term load forecasting models can be significantly improved. 
This talk has been presented at the following events:
AEIC 2012 Annual Load Research Conference, Alexandra, VA, July 8-11, 2012  download presentation slides (PDF)
SCE SAS User Group Meeting, Rosemead, CA, Aug 9, 2012 (presented as part of "Advanced Topics in Electric Load Forecasting")
Electric Utility Forecasters Forum, Orlando, FL, Nov 7-9, 2012  download presentation slides (PDF)