Introduction to Energy Systems

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:
  1. Differentiate energy and power;
  2. Name the major components of the energy systems and major industry players;
  3. Articulate the history of the electric power industry with emphasis on regulation and deregulation;
  4. Apply numerical and graphical methods to describe important facts of energy systems and industry;
  5. Understand basics of power generation, transmission and distribution systems;
  6. Understand basics of oil & gas production, transportation and storage systems;
  7. Understand basics of energy markets;
  8. Understand basics of wind and solar energy systems;
  9. Get familiar with utility rate structure;
  10. Articulate emerging topics in modern energy systems;
  11. Gain awareness of two opposite perspectives of climate change.
Course Contents

 1 Greetings; power vs. energy
 2 Overview of energy systems and industry
 3 History of electric power industry
 4 Facts of energy systems and industry
 5 Numerical and graphical methods
 6 More about power and energy
  EXAM 1 (take-home exam)
 7 Electric power systems
 8 Oil and gas systems
 9 Energy markets
 10 Sustainable energy systems; climate change
 11 Emerging topics in modern energy systems
  EXAM 2 (project proposal presentations)
  Project report and presentation preparation
  FINAL EXAM (project reports due and presentations)

Comments from Students

"Take this course!  Introduction to Energy Systems is more than the name implies.  Not only did this class provide a comprehensive study of the energy industry and associated concepts, but we also trained many valuable skills along with way.  We were challenged in team projects, learned to conscientiously critique peer work, and communicate succinctly through infographics.  Moreover, Dr. Hong is continuously engaged with his students.  Be it though Email, forums, or videos, we are constantly receiving information about the course material, prospective careers, and other interesting opportunities.  Finally, Dr. Hong has a very effective lecturing style, well prepared and informed, his talks educate while inviting classroom participation.  He communicates clear expectations, while also being receptive himself to feedback.  Don’t lose your chance for a great experience, take this course with Dr. Hong!"
Nuclear Control Operator at Duke Energy
(EMGT5961 Class of Spring 2014)

"Dr. Hong's Introduction to Energy Systems course lays a strong foundation to the vastness of the Energy industry. It covers a variety of real-world important topics/trends found throughout this discipline as well as general applications and focus. I was extremely intrigued with Dr. Hongs level of expertise and teaching methods, that I opted to further develop my understanding in the Systems Analytics concentration through his Energy Systems Planning and Energy Analytics courses. Very well execution and delivery of content."
Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
(EMGT5961 Class of Spring 2014)

"This course is masterful exposure to Energy Systems and Dynamics. It covered everything ‘ENERGY’; including ‘POWER’ generation, conversion, storage, transmission, and ultimate utilization -- Come to find out that Energy & Power are indeed two different items. It exposes the student to the structure of production, analysis and the broad spectrum of energy markets. Expect interesting class participation that will provide sound appreciation for energy systems in the fossil fuel, nuclear power and renewable (sustainable) energy industries. A course designed by an adept instructor with a keenness for providing his students the tools and sorted skills to be successful, while in the same token reinforcing them with confidence to proficiently present energy related knowledge.
To describe Dr. Tao Hong as an ‘effective instructor’ would be an understatement. The man is a virtuoso of the engineering systems program. You can be assured he will always come to the course well prepared and more than willing to help his students advance their technical and management intellects. I look forward to envisioning more and more of Dr. Hong's engineering prowess."
‘KC’ Ibeanu
Public Buildings Services, United States General Services Administration
(EMGT5961 Class of Spring 2014)

"Dr. Hong's class provides students an insight of energy industry. His lecture combines fundamental energy knowledge, basic analysis skills, and practical case studies. Students are also encouraged to explore more state-of-the-art energy knowledge under his supervision. His course is one of the must-take courses for the students who are new to the study of energy systems and who are interested in getting a job in the energy industry."
Jiali Liu
UNCC Master Student in Engineering Management
(EMGT5961 Class of Spring 2014)

"Dr. Hong’s interactive teaching style enhanced the learning process and encouraged a great deal of creativity in problem solving, as well as assignments. I greatly admire how generous he is with sharing his expertise and knowledge. I would recommend this class to life-longer learners that care to understand the energy field and take part in improving it."
Nikolina Lelovic
UNCC Undergraduate Student in Systems Engineering
(SEGR4961 Class of Spring 2014)