Energy Systems Planning

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:
  1. Differentiate key concepts such as forecast, plan, goal and target in the context of energy industry.
  2. Understand the social, economic, environmental, political aspects of energy systems planning.
  3. Understand the opportunities and challenges of planning brought by smart grid technologies and big data.
  4. Understand the segmentation of the utility industry and planning requirements for generation, transmission, distribution and retail.
  5. Understand the segmentation of the oil and gas industry and planning requirements for production, transportation and storage.
  6. Perform fundamental analysis of energy supply and demand.
  7. Apply basic forecasting techniques and tools to gas and electricity demand forecasting, generation resource forecasting and revenue forecasting.
  8. Perform probabilistic forecasting and scenario analysis.
  9. Apply basic optimization techniques and tools for energy systems planning.
  10. Present, document and defend a business case.
Course Contents & Tentative Schedule
  Topics/Activities Week
 1 Greetings; planning concepts  1
 2 Introduction; analysis of energy supply and demand 1
 3 Forecasting of energy supply and demand 2
  EXAM 1 (take-home exam) 
 4 Distribution, transmission and generation system planning 2
 5 Reliability planning 1
 6 Power system losses 1
 7 Demand side management; distributed generation planning 1
  EXAM 2 (project proposal presentations) 
 8 Planning in oil and gas industry 2
  Project report and presentation preparation 
  FINAL EXAM (project reports due and presentations) 

Comments from the students

"Dr. Hong’s teaching style is amazing. Tao is an effective educator and is genuinely interested in everyone’s improvement. He is able to teach students of all backgrounds how to develop and refine different forecasting techniques into useful tools for predicting electricity loads. You will leave this course with a general understanding of optimal planning resources in the end to end energy value chain. I would highly recommend this course."
T&D Sourcing Manager at Duke Energy
(EMGT5963 Class of Fall 2013)

"Dr. Hong's Energy Systems Planning is a great introduction into understanding key issues in the energy field.  This course will help to improve knowledge in forecasting techniques as well as understanding the energy field from raw materials to production and distribution to the final user.  Dr. Hong has a strong industry background that allows him to convey real world examples to supplement the concepts proposed in this class.
Project Manager at Heyward Incorporated
(EMGT5963 Class of Fall 2013)

"The energy systems planning course was one of the most practical course I've taken at UNC Charlotte. The information taught was relevant and engaging for the student throughout the course. I recommend this course and the energy systems concentration to all students in the Systems Engineering program."
Second Lieutenant at U.S. Army Reserve
(SEGR4963 Class of Fall 2013